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Circumcision comments and follow-up

by leeroseemery on April 21, 2011

Wow. Thank you for reading. I received over 2400 comments on the piece that I wrote yesterday on CNN on the complexity of the circumcision decision. I wrote a response to the comments on the CNN blog. Yet, so many people left comments on LACityMom that  I wanted to write a response here as well. I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of the discussion and the thoughtful and heartfelt stories that were e-mailed to me about other parents’ struggle with the decision. I was moved by the many men who wrote in personal and touching stories about their own feelings about having been circumcised  or not and the difficulties they have faced living with the ramifications of their parents’ decisions.

Mostly, again, the word that comes to my mind is a feeling of being humbled; this time not just as a parent, but as a writer. The Senior Editor I worked with at CNN on the piece cautioned me before she posted the piece, yesterday morning. She told me that CNN does not censor their readers’ comments, she warned that some may be harsh or personal. But, she added, that she believed the job of a writer (actually she said journalist) was to make people feel less alone, a thought which I, too, firmly believe. Last night, as I poured overt the many comments, reading stories of pain, or anger, or  gratitude about  my piece, I felt grateful I had been given an opportunity to reach people. What I didn’t expect is that so many of the comments I read reached me right back.

Thank you all. And Happy Earth Day.


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