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The LA County Fair

by leeroseemery on September 9, 2013

LA County Fair This just in from Beth Szymkowski, our intrepid activities seeker:

“Until this year, I had avoided the LA County Fair because I avoid all things that involve large numbers of people in really hot weather on asphalt.

But recently, the last day of a long weekend sent me and my sons looking for a new distraction.  We headed to Pomona.

The day was insanely hot, and expensive, ($15 to park!) but it was fun.

The fairgrounds, spread out over 543 acres, teems with food vendors, product demonstrations, and the nausea-inducing rides that always make me wonder about the sanity of people who go on them, and the skill of the people who built them.

My sons and I spent most of our time in the farm-themed zone.  It was housed under several shade structures, and was much less crowded than other areas of the Fair.  There was a charming section for toddlers where they could recreate the aspects of growing, harvesting and selling food, including “milking” a cow whose udder is filled with water, picking toy corn off stalks, and getting plastic eggs from a henhouse.  The area is near the pig races, the (real) cow-milking demonstration, and the kid tractor pull, all of which are free with admission.

At the end of four hours, we decided to take the ski-type-lift back toward the exits and had aerial views of attractions we’d like to see another time, including an enormous model train display complete with gardens and waterways, and a section of more gentle, child-friendly rides.

The LA County Fair runs through September 29 and is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.  Check online for discounts and package deals click here : lacountyfair.


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