LACityMom’s Lee Rose Emery:  Founder &  Editor in Chief.  Born in Manhattan, and raised in Washington DC, city life is in my blood. I started my career in the theatre, as an actress and playwright, and came to LA to become a TV writer. After having my kids, I swerved into the carpoool lane. Now I work as a freelance writer, screenwriter, and actress.

LA is a great town, but it is a sprawl. You have to know where to go to find the many jewels of this city, that’s where I come in. LACityMom’s Tips From The Carpool Lane will tell you everything you need to know about where to go, what to do, and what might make your hectic life a little easier.  I’ll also share whatever little tidbit of advice has floated across my windshield from my fellow LACityMoms.

My own Mom always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself, so I only write about things I like. I try most all the things I write about first hand, so I can give you an honest review. PR people often approach LACityMom to try places and products, but I will only tell you about them if I find them of interest and value to you.

Also here’s what I think about Websites and On-Line Communities. They are great, and growing fast but I think it’s far more important is to create off-line communities. I hope my site may give you some ideas about how to connect with your own family and other LA families, in person, in and around the great city of Los Angeles.

If you’ve got a tip for me, know of a new spot for LA families, or a mom friendly item/book/hideaway for review, drop me a note and I’ll check it out:  lee@LACityMom.com.

If you’re interested in advertising on my site, please drop me an e-mail at lee@lacitymom.com.

Travel Writing: UPDATE 


As I have been spending a great deal of time in Europe the past few years with the family. I have started to include some wonderful family holiday ideas and European city coverage on LACityMom.com.  If I partner with a hotel or travel company, I will note that on my posts, and/or if our hotel stays are comped, or we receive a press rate, that too will be indicated.

As always, the and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. I will not write up anything I genuinely don’t feel would be worthwhile for you and your family.

Beth Szymkowski, LA Editor


My mother pronounces our last name Shim-cuff-ski.  My father pronounces it Sim-cow-ski.

They’re divorced.

I grew up in Philadelphia and came to Los Angeles by way of North Carolina, where I went to college and started my career as a print journalist. I’m currently a screenwriter/Mom of two boys who believes parents need to share information, and cocktails, whenever possible.

And call me Beth, no need to pronounce my last name at all.