Betty Buckner, in home thereputic massage, LA

by Lee Rose Emery

08-photoHaving an aching back and tight shoulders seems to be a permanent condition of modern motherhood. My youngest is four and still likes to be carried sometimes, and I scoop him instinctively, forgetting how heavy he really is. I also remember the aches and pains of early  motherhood from nursing my babies all day. My neck and shoulders were  always sore from the repetitive motion of holding my little ones. Resting a child on your hip while you cook, answering the phone, or opening the car door also tweaks your alignment and your back. I have a tip!

I have found a wonderful massage therapist who will come to your home with her massage table and give you a terrific massage. Betty has been practicing massage for seventeen years. She is strong, but can work at any pressure you like, and provides Swedish Therapeutic Massage as well as Deep Tissue Massage. Betty has a lovely warm and calm demeanor and is quiet during the massage, which really makes the massage a time for relaxation. I know the idea of a massage feels like a great luxury, and may be one of the first things to go in your personal budget, or the last thing you might consider with the economy right now. But taking care of yourself and reducing the stress in your life is important. Plus, having Betty come to your home is far more reasonable than going to an expensive spa, especially if you consider having to pay a sitter to watch your kids at home. Take an hour for yourself to relax deeply. You will be a better mother for it; more relaxed, more centered and ready to face the next tantrum with a smile.


Betty Buckner 818-802 -1667

Rate $85.00 per hour

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