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The perfect snacks to go – Kind, Z, and Lara Bars

September 21, 2009 Eat

These nifty bars have become a staple in my pantry, my car, my purse, and the kids’ lunches. Many healthy bars taste well, just too darn healthy and the kids (and I) don’t like them. Or the ones the kids do like are loaded with sugar and are short on protein, which is the opposite […]

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Loteria Grill Hollywood

August 20, 2009 Eat

You probably have been to the Loteria Restaurant in the third Street Farmer’s Market. Mexican food is one of the cuisines that most kids like: cheese and chicken quesadillas, rice and beans ,and of course, a basket of tortilla chips. My family has loved the Farmer’s Market café for years, but now Loteria has opened […]

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Trails Restaurant in Griffith Park LA

May 20, 2009 Eat

Here’s a great family outing. Take a hike in Griffith  Park and then have lunch, or a snack at The Trails Cafe. Griffith  Park is one of the most extraordinary places in LA. If you are feeling really ambitious you can even follow a trail straight up to Griffith Park Observatory. That may be too […]

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Eat your cake, and have it custom made too – Kissy Cakes, LA

May 1, 2009 Eat

I have birthdays on the brain this week. My husband, my son, and I, have birthdays all in a row, so I’ve been eating a lot of, and thinking a lot about cakes. Now I know you are probably an expert cake decorator yourself, and wouldn’t consider not baking your child’s cake from scratch but, […]

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Café Los Feliz – a little taste of Paris

April 3, 2009 Eat

This may not be the year for the family trip to Paris, Alas, most LACityMoms I know are feeling the economic crunch. So instead of traveling with the kids, how about a monthly outing to a different ethnic cuisine to expand your kids’ culinary horizons? I know a little place in Los Feliz where you […]

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Menchies Frozen Yogurt

March 13, 2009 Eat

Menchies is an ingenious frozen yogurt store. They really have something for everyone : a selection of sugar free and low fat options, a sorbet or non-dairy flavor for those who are lactose intolerant. Menchies flavors rotate but all the ones I have tasted are delicious. I am partial to chocolate and berry flavored yogurt, […]

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The Larchmont Larder, gourmet take out LA

February 20, 2009 Eat

If I could cook,and had any restaurant sense I would have opened a gourmet take out place on the East side long ago. I am a big fan of Joan’s on Third, but we have needed a East side version for quite some time.  But since I don’t cook, I am delighted that The Larchmont […]

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LOCALI, eco-conscious convenience store, Hollywood

January 29, 2009 Eat

There are times when I just can’t face a supermarket or a restaurant with my kids. Late in the day, if they’re cranky, and I’m cranky because they’re cranky and we’re all hungry – I know that if I dare to un-strap them and let them loose in a big place, it will not be […]

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Paddy Mac – Mac and Cheese Delivery Service LA

December 2, 2008 Eat

Who doesn’t love delicious rich warm mac and cheese? As the days are getting cooler, this is the perfect dish to have on hand. Of course my kids love any kind of mac and cheese, but Paddy Mac takes mac and cheese to a whole new level. Paddy makes gourmet versions of this every day […]

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Intelligentsia Coffee, Silver Lake

November 22, 2008 Eat

My need for coffee has grown exponentially since the birth of my children. This is compounded by the fact that I am a night owl and my kids are early birds. All this is to say, Mommy needs Coffee. (There is a great Ralph Calvert children’s song called, “The Coffee Song,” which is hilarious, he […]

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