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Community Crafting and Creativity at THE ACE HOTEL

September 21, 2010 Family Travel

I feel like I am a better mom when I travel with my kids, even if it is just for a weekend. Somehow being outside our every day environment makes us us zero in on, and appreciate each other’s company. Some of my fondest family memories of being with my kids are in random places, […]

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Hive – a Hip Affordable Hair Salon – Silver Lake LA

June 23, 2009 Family Travel

Ah the beauty salon, one of life’s great pleasures. To sit, have someone wash your hair, then contemplate how to make you look more attractive – I find this to be quite a treat. And when a hair cut works, I feel terrific. I should also confess that I have been known to spend an […]

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Foot Inspiration – foot massage, Sherman Oaks

June 11, 2009 Family Travel

My friend discovered this place by accident and took me there a few weeks ago. I would have driven right by as it is in a non-descript mini mall. Foot  Inspiration is the best deal in town for a foot massage. You  sit in a giant chair that also reclines and they massage your feet, […]

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Olympic Spa – Koreatown, Los Angeles

May 11, 2009 Family Travel

I hope everyone had a relaxing Mother’s Day. I know it is kind of a Hallmark Holiday, but it is nice to have a moment of to celebrate our moms and also to be celebrated. I spent the day with my family, and some close friends. We had a great day, yet there was a […]

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Stark Waxing Studio, Silver Lake

April 20, 2009 Family Travel

Okay, Moms, with this heat, we may find ourselves in bathing suits in the near future. Yikes. (Note to self: start 50 crunches a day regime.)  This tip is for you if you are feeling like a furry bear coming out of hibernation. Plan a trip to Stark Waxing Studio in Silver Lake. Whatever your […]

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HAMMER Museum – Reading Series

March 5, 2009 Family Travel

Here’s a little cultural event series that if you go, the experience might bring you back to another time in your life; a time when you actually attended cultural events regularly instead of children’s birthday parties. I went to hear the poet Mark Strand read from a collection of his new poems a few weeks […]

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Betty Buckner, in home thereputic massage, LA

February 16, 2009 Family Travel

Having an aching back and tight shoulders seems to be a permanent condition of modern motherhood. My youngest is four and still likes to be carried sometimes, and I scoop him instinctively, forgetting how heavy he really is. I also remember the aches and pains of early  motherhood from nursing my babies all day. My […]

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The Langham Hotel, Pasadena – A perfect romantic getaway

February 9, 2009 Family Travel

How long has it been since you and your significant other have been away together without kids even for a night or two? Here’s a Valentine’s Day idea, find a sitter, or better yet, a family member or friends to watch your kids, pack a little bag, and I do mean little, (no diapers, no […]

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Marley and Me, the movie

January 9, 2009 Family Travel

If you haven’t seen it, you should. This movie, although marketed as a silly movie about an ill-behaved dog, is a beautiful and touching film exploring the daily struggles and sacrifices of marriage and parenthood. Jennifer Aniston delivers a touching and heart felt monologue about how in becoming a mother she feels as if she […]

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The Sequoias – great family getaway

July 8, 2000 Family Travel

Here’s a great post from LACityMom’s intrepid Beth Szymkowski, who just returned from a trip to the Sequoias. “I am not a camper. The thought of hauling my kids along with supplies to feed and house them does not sound like a vacation to me, so I was a bit hesitant when good friends invited […]

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