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ss-name-disc2-125I remember the first personalized baby gift that arrived after my daughter was born: a silver baby cup with her initials engraved on it. It meant so much to me seeing her initials etched into the shiny surface, as if it made her existence somehow more real. I have since found a modern version equivalent to the silver cup, this time a mommy gift with the same sweet sentiment.

Dillon Rogers’ collection of personalized necklaces are stunning, fun, and so easy to wear. They offer a wide range of pendants made with silver, gold, or even mother of pearl disks personalized with your child’s name or initials. Or, for another hip take on the theme, they sell leather pendants with just one initial stamped on it. My kids and I take such pleasure in seeing their names around my neck, etched into the shiny keepsake, always with me.


Dillon Rogers, a LA based Mom and Dad team, have a huge following with their jewelry line and Dori Rogers told me that a good deal of their business comes from repeat customers, remarking: “that’s when you know you’re doing something right.” They certainly are as they design a line with modern style, great quality, and beautiful sentiment. Plus, all the jewelry is made right here in Los Angeles.

Check out the Dillon Rogers website. It is the perfect spot for all kinds of personalized gifts. The holidays will be here before you know it, and a personalized gift adds an especially thoughtful touch. The bracelets stamped with inspirational messages pictured below are really fun, too. Who do you know these days that couldn’t use a little inspiration




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Wall Decals for kids’ rooms

by Lee Rose Emery

With a new school year starting my kids have been clamoring to spruce up their rooms, or actually the request was to make them less “babyish.” Yet, redecorating is a major undertaking both financially and also time wise. So, I was delighted when we stumbled across Fathead. (Yes, that is really the company’s name.) This company sells life sized wall art (basically a peel off vinyl stickers) sometimes called wall candy, which, if you are game – the look is not for everyone –can certainly transform any room. My son is a huge basketball fan; so it was only fitting that he keep company with LeBron James. We ordered an in motion shot of James that I have to admit looks pretty cool against my son’s white wall.

It may be sad to put away those nursery blue Noah’s Art curtains, but I guarantee you that your kids will love choosing a graphic that suits them. My daughter has a column of butterflies on her wall that we ordered from Amazon and I have to admit they look very pretty fluttering about. There are a few different places you can find these on line, but these sights had the best selections.

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Scout Totes by Bungalow

by Lee Rose Emery

A Mom’s life is really all about schlepping. We schlep kids, groceries, laundry, overnight bags, diapers, snacks and picnic stuff. When we’re not carrying bags of things for small children, we are unpacking said bags and re-stocking and emptying and cleaning out.

So my theory is, as it is our job to carry a multitude of bags on any given day, they should at the very least be practical, affordable, and cute! Scout Tote bags by Bungalo are my new favorite. Scout bags are lightweight (of course by the time you and yours fill them up they’ll be heavy.) It’s hard to tell from this picture but they are made of a waterproof almost oil cloth fabric – they can hold wet bathing suits,  groceries, weekend away gear, you name it!  Most of all they are so pretty, you feel rather put together carrying them.I like to bring them as hostess gifts. The company also makes cool storage bins great for organizing toys, or swanky recycling bins. This is a company every mom should know about. This bag is $36.50. Check out their website to see other shapes and styles.



Wittlebee monthly kids clothing club for kids

June 27, 2012 Shop

Guest Blogger, Brooke Berman, tried a new monthly kids clothing service  for LACityMom, and here’s what she has to say: If you’re like me, juggling a toddler and work, shopping for children’s clothes is the last thing you want to do.  If you are also like me, you’ve had your eye on the latest trend, companies that […]

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Macy’s workout clothing – on the go fashion for Moms

May 9, 2012 Shop

I partnered with Gigasavvy recently and had a chance to try some of Macy’s activewear for women. As a busy Mom finding time to work out is never easy, but it is such an  important part of taking care of ourselves. I tend to do yoga or go to the gym in the morning, and […]

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Safe gentle skin care products that will make you shine

April 23, 2012 Shop

One interesting aspect of being a mom blogger is the product testing that comes my way. As I say on my disclosure policy, I only write up things I genuinely like, and have tried. Here are some favorite skin products from my trials in the past few months. What I love about them all is […]

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January 21, 2012 Shop

I am feeling very technologically up to date, as I was given the new I-Phone for Christmas. It was an upgrade, and the guy in the store literally laughed when he saw my old one, which was one of the originals. But I am not going to tell you how great the i-phone (but it […]

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Best Shops for Handmade Gifts in LA & Beyond

December 4, 2011 Shop

In terms of finding original holiday gifts I first like to check out stores that carry the work of local artists. In a shopping mall dominated world full of huge chains and conglomerates it makes me incredibly happy to support local vendors or individual craftspeople. I also love introducing the kids to hand made gifts […]

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Three Fun Wii Games for kids from Disney

November 27, 2011 Holiday Projects

Cyber Monday. EEK!  Here I am just recovering from too much travel and pumpkin pie, and I need to start shopping! I actually have been compiling ideas for you, dear readers, over the past few weeks, and I will write about them ASAP, so that you can hopefully have a jump start on your shopping […]

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Traveling with kids, games and tips

November 22, 2011 Shop

If you are traveling with your kids this Thanksgiving, here are some great travel games that might pass the time in the car, on planes, or waiting in airports. Airline traveling is so unfriendly these days. And traveling with kids, especially on planes, is an even more a daunting proposition. Security lines are grueling for […]

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