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Spaphile, Jewelmint & Pose Pampering Event

November 16, 2011 Family Travel

Here’s a fun event of pampering if you are on the West Side or will be heading that way this weekend. Spaphile, Jewelmint and Pose are hosting a day of pampering. Spaphile if you are not familiar with it,  is a local deal company that specializes in Spa Treatments! How perfect is that for busy, […]

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Groceries at Target & 5 minute gazpacho

August 30, 2011 Shop

Every mom has (at least) one dirty little secret. Here’s one of mine, I’m a lousy cook. Meals at our house are often charred, over-peppered, too bland, or just plain forgotten until the last minute. It’s not that I don’t like to cook, I just get distracted with other things I need to do (or like […]

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OLMAY home designs

August 29, 2011 Shop

Since I live my life on the kids’ school calendar, I always look at September as a time of new beginnings. I try to organize and weed out and make some resolutions about the year. As I look to spruce things up around the house, I am drawn to clean uncluttered simple designs. Just a […]

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Penelope’s Parasols – stay protected and chic

July 21, 2011 Shop

Here’s a posh accessory to help you survive the Los Angeles heat. Los Angeles based Penelope’s Parasols has created an elegant parasol to strut down the street with. This is a great idea particularly for the fair skinned crowd, especially if you will be attending an all day outdoor event.Pictured below is actress and LACityMom Jessica […]

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Emily Green and her world of Imagination

May 26, 2011 Play

You may already be familiar with Emily Green, local LACityMom, designer, and art teacher. She is the creator of colorful laminated placemats for kids that also have a blank area of the back for kids to draw upon. (She sells doodle pens with them, that wash right off  the surface insuring many hours of fun!) […]

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Shutterbugs Photography Show and Auction Saturday, May 14th

May 11, 2011 Shop

Pablove is one of my favorite Los Angeles based charities.  Pablove is so close to my heart because it was started by some friends of mine who’s son was a classmate of my kids’ at preschool. Pablo Castalez died of Wilm’s Tumor Cancer just before his sixth birthday. Wilm’s Tumor is a rare form of […]

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Om Girl Sample Sale

May 5, 2011 Shop

Om Girl makes deliciously comfortable, stylish, yoga clothes and they also carry  basic cottons  for every day. Their bi-yearly sample sale can get a little crazy (crowded) but the prices are amazing. If you have the energy to go tomorrow, you will definitely find some great pieces for summer. OM GIRL SAMPLE SALE Everything $5 […]

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Bebe Ravi – baby clothing with a conscience

April 25, 2011 Shop

One great thing about being a Mom blogger is that I am invited to all kinds of interesting events. Last week I had the chance to visit a collection of traveling boutiques, many of whom were supporting women in third world countries by selling their wares. My favorite was Bebe Ravi collections by Siamanda Chege […]

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Gorgeous Easter Cakes and Treats from Modern Bite Bakery LA

April 15, 2011 Shop

If you need to order a cake, or some sweet treats for Easter or any other occasion I am delighted to tell you about Modern Bite. Modern Bite is a new on line bakery that just opened in LA. The cakes and delicacies are so extraordinary, that each one is a work of art . […]

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Create an on line baby book with

April 4, 2011 Shop

I hate to admit it but my kids baby books are completely incomplete. I had, of course, the best of intentions. My daughter’s baby book was off to a good start with photos and even a page including who attended her baby shower! Then again, I suppose I had time to make that page as […]

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