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Spain with kids – Barcelona and Madrid

by leeroseemery on May 16, 2015

family-fun-in-spainWith the dollar catching up to the Euro for the first time in many years, it’s a great time to think about a European family vacation! Here’s a link to a piece I wrote about our recent trip to Spain for family travel site, CiaoBambino. We have found that our family’s European holidays have created so many incredible memories. I hope reading this may inspire you take some European adventures of your own.

 “Barcelona and Madrid are two very different cities, but both offer wonderful cultural opportunities for families to explore while in Spain. I’m so glad we had a chance to visit both destinations with our kids recently. Here are some highlights of our fun-filled Spanish cultural extravaganza…”  Click here to view complete article. 

Sagrada de Familia Barcelona               Gaudi building sizedDSC_0058



LACityMom Family Travel : Istanbul, Turkey

by leeroseemery on June 16, 2014  in TurkeyWe have been incredibly lucky with our fantastic travel opportunities over the past two years. I wanted to share our latest adventure a trip to Istanbul Turkey. It’s a long haul from LA, but if you have the chance to visit Turkey, the city is fascinating. Here’s a link to a piece that I wrote for the Four Seasons Istanbul, and you can click on this video that links to LACityMom’s new you tube LACityMom Travel channel.

From the Four Seasons Family Holidays Website: 

“Your family will love Istanbul, Turkey. And the good news is: there are two Four Seasons in this exotic, historic, friendly city: Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus, a gorgeous luxurious property perched right on the banks of the Bosphorus River, and Sultanahmet. Visiting both is a great way to experience different areas of this fascinating place.”  Click here to read full article. 






img_3039There is nothing cuter than little children dressed in costumes. The thrill they feel trick or treating, pressing doorbells, and receiving CANDY to stash in their little pumpkin bags is so delicious to watch. The problem is, we seem to collect more and more candy every year. We STILL have loads of candy at our house. This morning already started with candy eating and negotiating. If I dole it out even piece by piece I am looking at several months of sugar induced fits, and probable tooth decay. So here’s my plan. I  told the kids they may have a piece of candy every day until next week, and then I’ll trade them candy for a trip to the toy store. They can chose one toy in exchange for their candy. I also told them that if they are missing their candy too much in the weeks to come we can take a trip over to John Kelly’s  Chocolate Store, and they can chose a few chocolates to take home(All of John Kelly’s chocolates are made from the finest ingredients.) Am I a mean mother? Possibly, but all this candy makes my kids crazy! They fight over it with each other, and with me, which makes me crazy.  I do remember the glory of the shiny colored Halloween loot, trading and comparing it for hours on end with my own sister when I was young, but I also might add that I have a mouth full of silver fillings.  So that’s my tip – bribe your kids with a toy. I may not make mother of the year for spewing that advice, but it will surely save me some heated battles and less trips to the dentist before next Halloween.


Pelada – great family movie

September 3, 2013 OPINION

Every now and then I come across a great family movie that I have to share with my readers. The family recently watched the documentary called, Pelada and I highly recommend it. It is the story of a young couple who were college soccer stars, but did not make it to the professional circuit. It […]

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Teaching Kids about money

August 20, 2013 Tips

I wanted to share a piece I just wrote for Momsgonnafindout, a great web site which offers moms ideas on ways to make money, save money and have fun too! “Teaching kids about money is not easy. Watching parents plunk down a credit card time and again is an incredibly abstract idea for a kid, […]

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Summer Lemonade (with vodka)

August 1, 2013 Eat

There’s nothing like a cold glass of lemonade in the heat of summer. Better yet is a one with vodka in it. I’m positive that you have your own blossoming lemon tree in your garden and squeeze your own lemon juice regularly, but I personally like this 5 minute short cut yet (seemingly) fancy version, […]

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The Art of Brick (Lego Art) by Nathan Sawaya at Forest Lawn Glendale Museum

June 6, 2013 Tips

Beth just checked out The Art of Brick (Lego Art) What a great exhibit to take the kids to.  Hers’s what she has to say: I’ve always loved Legos for the creativity they inspire, so I was particularly thrilled to see an actual art exhibit using Legos as the medium. Nathan Sawaya’s “The Art of […]

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LACityMom in Prague

November 9, 2012 Retreat

This year I have been given the incredible opportunity to travel with the family to many European destinations. This of course means a greatly expanded Family Getaway section for Here’s a link to my first LACityMom Euro post, which I wrote for folks at Have Family Will Travel – the Four Seasons Hotel Luxury Family […]

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Metropolis II Exhibit at Los Angeles County Museum of Art

October 3, 2012 Tips

This post about LACMA’S  Metropolis II Exhibit just in from LACityMom editor, Beth, and sounds like  a great weekend activity: My boys have never been the art museum types, so I was really thrilled to find that LACMA has a few exhibits that are sure to please even the most discerning of critics. “Metropolis II” is a […]

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All about private schools in LA, upcoming event at Romp

May 21, 2012 Tips

There is an event coming up June 4th, that will be incredibly helpful to those of you considering private schools in Los Angeles.  It’s never too early to start considering where you may be educating your kids, and also never too early to start saving for that education! Fellow Mom Bloggers Christina Simon and Porcha […]

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