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Five Best Merry Go Rounds in LA

April 10, 2012 Tips

A trip to the Merry Go Round is an old fashioned thrill for all ages, especially as the weather has been so lovely lately. Los Angeles boasts five fanciful carousels to choose from. All are very inexpensive, and make an ideal destination for a family outing. Bring a picnic along and make an afternoon of […]

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Bully, the movie, and The Bully Dudes

March 30, 2012 OPINION

I just saw the documentary Bully. It is very powerful, and worth seeing. I took my ten-year old daughter. I was uncertain as to whether the content would be too much for her. The Weinstein company rejected the R rating the movie was given, and it is listed in theatres as unrated. Common Sense Media […]

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LACityMom visits Blushington Make Up Bar on Sunset

March 17, 2012 Play

I am pretty low maintenance on the make-up and beauty front. Mainly because as a busy Mom I don’t have time to deal with it. And I don’t know how to apply make-up. After one attempt at eyeshadow my son told me I looked like someone punched me in the eye. Well, problem solved. Blushington […]

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Valentine’s Day Bah Humbug?

February 11, 2012 Tips

According to a Family Finds’ survey of 200 Los Angeles women Jewelry, Chocolate and Flowers no longer are important to Moms.  Here’s what the Family Finds Survey Found: “When it comes to Moms’ favorite thing about Valentine’s Day, sex and dinner out were over shadowed by simple alone time with their significant other – preferred by […]

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Keeping your kids safe from predators: tips from Safely Ever After

February 7, 2012 Tips

In lieu of the horrific events of sexual abuse at Miramonte Elementary school, I wanted to remind my readers that there is a great organization in Santa Monica, run by Pattie Fitzgerald, called, Safely Ever After, a “non fearful safety program for parents and kids.” Fitzgerald teaches safety workshops for kids, and parents, focusing on […]

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Best Exercise Classes in LA – more resolutions

January 10, 2012 Tips

Chances are you have gone to an exercise class lately – and that is because either a)   You are just that sporty kind of mom and you never forget to make time for yourself Or b)    You are like me and it is just two weeks into the New Year and you have determined that […]

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New Year’s Resolution : less is more

January 5, 2012 Tips

Is it a little sad that every year I have the same New Year’s resolutions? The biggest one for me has to do with time and how I manage it, and how I feel in each moment. I find myself rushing through the day with little time to reflect. I realize that being rushed has […]

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Traveling with kids, games and tips

November 22, 2011 Shop

If you are traveling with your kids this Thanksgiving, here are some great travel games that might pass the time in the car, on planes, or waiting in airports. Airline traveling is so unfriendly these days. And traveling with kids, especially on planes, is an even more a daunting proposition. Security lines are grueling for […]

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Video Holiday Cards by Ten 28 Video

November 3, 2011 Tips

Ahh. The family Holiday card. Such fertile ground to show off kids and accomplishments. Or to pretend you have had accomplishments whilst showing off kids. That is assuming you can pull it together and take a family photo where everyone is smiling and get it to a printer and address them all by Christmas or […]

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Spooky ideas from

October 26, 2011 Tips

Take a look at this picture. Does it scare you? It terrifies me, as it is so darn cute, I think, I could never make those cupcakes. I am not that Mom. You know the one that shows up at the Halloween Parade with the orange shirt and the black witch’s hat, with the plate […]

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