Courtney Watkins Creative Adventures Summer Camp

by Lee Rose Emery


My pal, Courtney Watkins, is a fellow LACityMom, creativity Guru, and star of The Possibility Shop web series on Disney I have written about her Creative Adventure classes before, but this summer she is about to start her amazing summer adventure camp series. Courtney has an innate gift with children, making even the most reticent of children warm to her immediately. My kids adore her and have loved taking her art classes over the years. This year her summer camp offerings will take place in two different glorious Los Angeles residential settings. Your children will create, imagine and be inspired. In this media saturated world, how great to give your kids a summer filled with art, joy, nature and creativity. Sign up soon as spots are limited!

Pulled the following quote from her website. It couldn’t be more true:

 “Courtney is like no one else I’ve ever met – an embodiment in how to be a creative adventurer with and for your kids. She’s a mom who can easily access what it means to be 8 or 9 years old.” — Margie Gilmore VP, Disney Online Originals

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