by Lee Rose Emery

I am feeling very technologically up to date, as I was given the new I-Phone for Christmas. It was an upgrade, and the guy in the store literally laughed when he saw my old one, which was one of the originals. But I am not going to tell you how great the i-phone (but it is!!)   I am going to tell you about a very cool website called Zazzle where you can design and buy your own custom case!

I made one the other day with a black and white photo of the kids on it. It is sturdy plastic, and also has a little strip of rubber inside to protect the phone. The day I ordered it there was a discount code so it was also less expensive than any case you would find in the Apple store.

Designing it was really easy. You just upload a photo, and if you want to add lettering you can, too. I also made a case for my son’s i-pod- touch, which he drops on a regular basis.

Check out Zazzle They also carry a myriad of other products that you can customize: tee shirts, bags, hats, etc. But as most people carry their phone with them at all times, a custom case would make a great gift. Perfect for a new mom, spouse, Grandparent, or that friend in your life who has everything. They can also be customized for Blackberries.

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