Ginger Bread House kits – an easy way to feel some holiday magic

by Lee Rose Emery

x-mas111_053Do you ever get through the holidays and think, what happened? I was going to put lights outside the house, and send two hundred holiday cards. I was going to bake star cookies and frost them with glaze and give them to the mail man. I was going to make fruit baskets for the homeless, and have a caroling party. So many seasons have come and gone full of good intentions, with me just hanging on to the edge of Santa’s imaginary sled trying not to lose my mind during this frenzied time of year. I often start with a New Year’s resolution which is something like this: This year I will get it right. I will shop in August, picking up gifts leisurely at craft fairs. I will wrap them in October and ship them by Halloween. December will be spent decorating gingerbread houses with my children and making hand made ornaments for our tree out of painted walnuts. I will be relaxed. I will enjoy the holidays without stress. I will embody the spirit of the season. Shall I tell you how it’s going so far?

I did buy a few gifts in the summer. But I still have many more to collect, wrap and ship Back East. I still have cards to mail – okay I mean design, order, and mail. I am feeling extra pressure about that because last year came and went with us sending no cards at all. Frankly, each card that we received I felt mocked me, and reminded me of my lack of organization. The photo cards were the worst. My kids are adorable, but never at the same time in the same photo! Plus, I fear that if we send no cards this year we will be cut from our friends’ lists, and possibly drop off the face of the earth for good.

We do have our tree, but it is half decorated. We did spend an afternoon putting white lights outside, but after it rained the other night they stopped working. My one real source of pride is that we also have an adorable gingerbread house that I decorated with the kids. I’d like to tell you that I made the gingerbread from scratch and rolled the dough and baked it and decorated it, but it came from a kit at CVS for ten bucks. Race over there and get one, if they still have them. We had a blast. The four of us glued the sides together with frosting, pressed gumdrops on the roof, it was so much fun. They also sell a Gingerbread Train kit, which we also made. The kits are inexpensive, adorable, easy, and quick. Perhaps most importantly, taking the time to do a holiday project like that with the kids, and watching them laugh with delight as they saw their lopsided sugary creations, really did fill me with the magic of the season. What do you and your family do to create holiday memories?

You can order these kits on line at: The Online Candy Shop for 19.99$ or CVS had some less expensive ones in their holiday decorating section .

Create a Treat Gingerbread House Kit


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