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Halloween dip – easy, healthy and creepy

by Lee Rose Emery

I wish I could tell you that I was the kind of Mom that was making my kids’ Halloween costumes. Sadly, I am not. I can however provide a fun kid friendly (even slightly healthy) Halloween themed snack tip, thanks to Disney’s Spoonfull website which is full of fun family crafts and ideas for all the holidays, and really for every day. This dip is super easy to make, and if you show up to the school Halloween party a bowl of this,  the rest of the moms may even possibly think you made your kids’ costumes.  For FULL recipe click here.

Then if you really want to WOW your trick or treaters you could also try these ghostly milk cartons! These two are easy to make and just my kind of craft, low maintenance – high payoff. No need to mention how easy they were!

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