Healthy Child Healthy World 2011 Awards

by Lee Rose Emery

Last week I had the honor of attending Healthy Child Healthy World’s annual awards ceremony at the SLS Hotel hosted by Jennna Elfman. Healthy Child Healthy World is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness about protecting children from environmental toxins. The organization was founded in 1991 by James and Nancy Chuda, after their four year old daughter died of cancer. After their daughter’s tragic death The Chudas searched for answers. Four years later a study was released that revealed the likely connection between maternal exposure to pesticides and Wilms’ Tumor Cancer, the disease that their daughter suffered from. Since then the Chudas have dedicated their lives to spreading the word about the hazards of environmental toxins. Healthy Child Healthy World is a wonderful on line resource for parents full of informative information to help us all to make informed choices for our families.

Here are five basic steps that they recommend all families strive for:






One of the award winners honored that evening was pediatrician and author Dr. Allen Greene. His book, Feeding Baby Green, focuses on childhood nutrition. Dr Greene also started a movement called, “White Out,” which encourages parents not to feed their children rice cereal as a first solid food. (This was the first food my I gave my kids. Eeek!) He believes feeding your baby rice cereal is like feeding them a spoonful of sugar, as it is processed white rice which metabolizes to sugar. This book is full of great advice for feeding your young child and I wish that I had been privy to this information when my kids were younger.

Also honored that night was tenacious mom Tamara Rubin, of Oregon, whose children suffered lead poisoning during a routine home renovation. Tamar won the Healthy Child Award for 2011’s Mom on a Mission, as she founded Lead Safe America to promote protective policies regarding lead exposure.

It is inspiring to know that there are so many thoughtful parents taking action to help inform us all. We need to be vigilant about assessing the products that our kids are exposed to. Healthy Child Healthy World makes that daunting task so much easier with their on-line resources. They are always looking for volunteers to become involved, and also for donations. For more information about Healthy Child Healthy World check out their website.

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