Macy’s workout clothing – on the go fashion for Moms

by Lee Rose Emery

I partnered with Gigasavvy recently and had a chance to try some of Macy’s activewear for women. As a busy Mom finding time to work out is never easy, but it is such an  important part of taking care of ourselves. I tend to do yoga or go to the gym in the morning, and on days when I don’t have meetings, have been known to wind up in my workout clothes all day. This usually means an old t-shirt and some ratty yoga pants. But after wearing this cute ensemble of nike workout clothes to yoga and then about town, I felt so much better about myself. I felt put together, and even rather stylish. The stretchy fabric in these nike pants were incredibly comfortable all day. They also have breathable fabric where it counts. And even a little inner pocket for a credit card, license or i-pod nano. The Ideology top too is so cute, and although I still needed a bra under it, it was very comfortable.

So as a Mother’s day treat to yourself I propose that you spruce up your sporty image. Check out Macy’s huge selection of active wear (where you will also find many of the items on sale) and you may, like me, feel a little more spring in your step both working out and stepping out, in your fashionable, yet practical new work out attire.

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