Marley and Me, the movie

by Lee Rose Emery


If you haven’t seen it, you should. This movie, although marketed as a silly movie about an ill-behaved dog, is a beautiful and touching film exploring the daily struggles and sacrifices of marriage and parenthood. Jennifer Aniston delivers a touching and heart felt monologue about how in becoming a mother she feels as if she has given up a huge part of who she is. Owen Wilson sensitively  portrays a newspaper columnist who  feels nostalgic about the career he never had as a high profile investigative journalist because he chose fatherhood, instead. This is a great date night flick for any couple with young kids, and one of the few I have seen that accurately describes the challenging and rewarding state of parenthood. And if you are dog lovers it is a must see, but bring some kleenex.

It’s still playing at Mann’s Chinese and the Grove. Click below for show times.


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