Mom bloggers unite & talk education resources

by Lee Rose Emery

Here’s why I love Mom Bloggers. When we get together there is always so much to talk about and learn from each other. Plus at our events, whether we are just gathering ourselves or being pitched to, somehow there are always cupcakes. Usually there’s great food in general, and of course what would a Moms’ night out be without cocktails. Last night, Christina Simon, author of Beyond the Brochure, and LA’s Private School Guide, hosted a dinner for LA’s Mom bloggers. The topic was education support services.  I learned so much about some great educational support services for kids. I was also introduced to an amazing local charity which provides knapsacks and school supplies for kids in Africa. And special guest, actress, Robinne Lee told us about her upcoming projects.

Kids learn so differently and I have seen among my community how sometimes a little extra help from the right tutor can really boost a kids’ confidence and help them succeed. Two tutoring companies, definitely worth checking out are Launch Education, and The Kelter Center. Project Knapsack is a local organization which I am so excited to get my kids involved in. Kids can become pen pals with children in Africa, and become part of an organization which assembles knapsacks full of school supplies and sends them to kids in Africa. I know how excited my kids are at the starting of the school year, when they fill their back packs with school supplies. For them to be able to become involved in supporting less fortunate kids and provide that excitement connected to school and learning I know will be so meaningful for them.

Food  & drink was provided by these generous sponsors – so what that means is – these great vendors love MOMS.

Mendocino Farms (West Hollywood & Marina Del Rey)

Akasha Restaurant (in Culver City)

Magnolia Bakery (3rd St/Sweetzer)

Skinnygirl Cocktails

Photos were provided by Scott Stewart Photography.

We all parted with adorable gift bags which includes this beautiful baostyle pouch hand crafted from vintage kimono.

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