Mom Energy by Ashley Koff & Kathy Kaehler

by Lee Rose Emery

What mom doesn’t need more energy? Do you know any? Can’t say that I do.

I recently attended a luncheon with dietitian and author, Ashley Koff, who introduced me to her new book, Mom Energy ; A Simple Plan to a Fully Charged Life. Mom Energy focuses on the nutritional needs of women, but in particular, moms. Meeting Ashley, I was impressed by the breadth of her knowledge. She also takes a very realistic view of a mom’s busy life and has filled her book with tips that reflect the fact that we are pulled in many directions all the time. The book is well organized and full of salient advice on what types of foods will help you boost your energy, as opposed to what are simply quick fixes to help us get through the day. Mom Energy is a worthwhile read for any mom looking to take control of her health and improve her lifestyle. I notice a huge difference in my mood, my energy and general well being when I am eating nutritious foods. It is true that in order to be the best moms we can, we really need to take care of ourselves first and foremost; a concept that is hard to remember and nearly impossible to live by. But eating healthier is surely a start.

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