Mother’s Day: to brunch or not to brunch?

by Lee Rose Emery

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and here’s my “tip from the carpool lane” for you. Make sure your significant other and kids know this information. And, make sure they know your feelings about how the day would be best spent. There’s no room for subtlety here. In fact, if brunch at a local hot spot is your secret desire, I am loath to tell you – the restaurant’s already full.

While we may like to pretend that Mother’s Day is a stupid Hallmark Holiday and that really: “Every day should be Mother’s day,” the fact is, every day is not. Also, we may like to play the martyr and say, “It’s fine that they forgot about Mother’s Day,” again, I am pretty sure if they do forget, it will not feel fine.

What you want to avoid at all costs is a blank stare from your partner on Saturday night, when your kids say, “Daddy, what are we doing for Mother’s Day?”

I know you are probably more secure that I am, and don’t succumb to keeping up to the Jones’, but here’s what you also don’t want: You do not want to find yourself to be the one Mom on the playground secretly wondering if your family has planned ANYTHING at all, while listening to other Moms compare last year’s Campanile’s berry pancake brunch (their favorite) to the Bel Air’s eggs benedict the year before (also delicious, and pretty because of the swans.)

I don’t mean to imply that the day has to be about fancy expensive meals or gifts. But I will tell you that the day needs to be acknowledged. Do I sound like I tell you this advice from personal experience?

There’s also no shame in the Mother’s Day Spa Day, where you actually skip brunch, ditch the family all together,  take the day off from mothering to indulge in some maternal pampering. I know it feels slightly selfish, but you will find you have 364 days to assuage your guilt.

Happy almost Mother’s Day! I hope yours proves to be all that you desire!


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