Olympic Spa – Koreatown, Los Angeles

by Lee Rose Emery

photo-waterI hope everyone had a relaxing Mother’s Day. I know it is kind of a Hallmark Holiday, but it is nice to have a moment of to celebrate our moms and also to be celebrated. I spent the day with my family, and some close friends. We had a great day, yet there was a little part of me that thought it might be nice to have a bit of time to myself. I felt a little guilty imagining that, “Happy Mother’s Day to me, see ‘ya!!” That seemed a little unfriendly. So, instead, I am going to find some time soon to escape to my favorite Korean Spa, to have a soak and shiatsu. The Olympic Spa in Korea Town is my favorite. Here’s the thing I love about the Korean Spas in Los Angeles; they are not particularly fancy, and you have the sense when you are there that the spa, scrub, soak ritual is part of the Korean way of life. There are times when I am the only Caucasian (and tall person) there. I also feel like I have left the city and traveled to another world. Olympic Spa is cozy, and clean, and I have always had a relaxing experience there. They have a terrific staff of masseuses, who walk on your back and you leave feeling completely renewed. There is a steam room, a sauna, and another sauna like room of jade. They offer facials, which are also wonderful as well, where they use the french Darphin skin product line.

If you are someone who is very modest, Olympic Spa may be a challenge for you. It is very naked in the bath area, which I found you just get used to after a few times. They also do the traditional scrubs, where you lie on a table and they scrub all the dead skin off of you. I sometimes feel like I am being filleted like a chicken during the process. For me, the scrubs are not exactly relaxing, but afterwards my skin is so soft and supple. LA is such a dry climate; this treatment is particularly effective here to keep your skin healthy.

Are you intrigued? I recommend a trip to Olympic Spa. Treat yourself. The prices are very reasonable. If you spring for the seventy-five minute shiatsu, all the spa facilities, hot & cols tubs, sauna and steam are included; you’ll pay $ 75.00, plus gratuity. You can also buy gift certificates there. This is a great gift for a new mom. They offer a treatment called “The Goddess,” which lasts for an hour and forty-five minutes, and includes a scrub, scalp massage, and facial mask. When my sister visits, this is her favorite treatment. She really does look and feel like a Goddess when she is done.

Extend your Mother’s Day. Celebrate yourself. You really do deserve it.

Olympic Spa
3915 West Olympic
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 867-0666

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