Pelada – great family movie

by Lee Rose Emery

PeladaEvery now and then I come across a great family movie that I have to share with my readers. The family recently watched the documentary called, Pelada and I highly recommend it. It is the story of a young couple who were college soccer stars, but did not make it to the professional circuit. It traces their journey around the world looking for “pick up games” in unlikely places. As they look for the perfect scrimmage, they find a myriad of people, fellow lovers of the game. Their varied stories illuminate the film and explore the love of a sport that extends across the globe. My son, (9)  is a huge soccer fan. Pelada was particularly meaningful to him, as he watched footage of kids in Africa playing with a hand made ball, and then inmates in a prison playing competitively within the walls of their confinement. The film is well written and full of depth, as the two lead characters search for meaning and purpose in their new adult lives while balancing their passion for the game of soccer. It was refreshing to share a non-Hollywood movie with the kids and watch something more contemplative. I was impressed with this film as it held their attention and provoked an interesting family discussion.  You can rent it through Amazon and if you have Amazon Prime there is no charge for the rental.



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