Posting images of our kids online: What are the rules?

by Lee Rose Emery

The following is an article I wrote for

The ability to share images and thoughts instantly is one of the marvels of the Information Age. Most of us, thanks to Facebook, have a relationship to a social network that involves a stream of conversation (albeit often banal: “I’m making chicken. …” Really?)

But more than conversation, our profiles usually include photos and sometimes YouTube video sharing — and not just ones of Charlie Sheen sounding off, but also home movies of little Annie’s ballet recital or Grant’s first ski run.┬áMuch has been publicized about how important it is for parents to monitor their kids’ use of technology, but what are the guidelines for parents of small children? When children are not old enough to read, write, talk or press “upload,” is it inappropriate for us to post their photos on the Web?


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