Safe gentle skin care products that will make you shine

by Lee Rose Emery

One interesting aspect of being a mom blogger is the product testing that comes my way. As I say on my disclosure policy, I only write up things I genuinely like, and have tried. Here are some favorite skin products from my trials in the past few months. What I love about them all is that they are not full of chemicals, and also are not crazy expensive.

The first product I loved was Skin Owl’s Argan Oil infusion. LA can really dry out your skin. I used this oil (which you apply from a dropper and rub into your face) at night and often during the day. My skin drank it up. While I was nervous that applying oil like that would make me break out, instead my skin felt smooth, and hydrated and glowing. Argan oil is derived from the nut of an Argan tress which are indigenous to Morocco. It is high in vitamin E and is believed to help all kinds of skin conditions.

You can purchase this on line, or, at Platino on Montana, which is also favorite jewelry and handbag spot . (Note to self – Mother’s Day is approaching! But I digress.)

My second favorite is Love Your Face Cream made with blueberries from Maine by Indian Meadow Herbals. (Granted I am a sucker for anything blueberry and anything Maine for that matter.) But this daily moisturizer was fantastic. It is so hydrating and smooth and you can use it day or night. It also does not feel greasy, but instead leaves you with a fresh glow. This cream is made from 96% organic herbs and oils. This company is great for people who have allergies. And they have a number of products that support hormone balance, for the many stages of a woman’s life.


The Honest Company is Jessica Alba’s new brainchild and carries non-toxic beautifully packaged skin and household products that they will deliver to your door. The skin products I tried were very gentle, and especially great for the kids.

I was also enamored by The Honest Company’s printed diapers. (There’s a sentence I never imagined writing.) But really they are so pretty! Why has no one else ever thought to make diapers pretty?

These products are worth a try and you can sign up for a monthly delivery of all the products you need. Those early months of a new baby are so grueling. Having products regularly delivered is such a huge convenience. Then when you finally do have a chance to get out away from the baby, maybe you can wrangle some girlfriends and do something just for you.

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