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Schoola – a new way to raise money for your school and save on kids’ clothes

by Lee Rose Emery

get-a-bagHere’s a multifaceted way to help parents save money, clean their closets and raise  money for their schools. We all know how expensive shopping for growing kids can be , buying  gently used clothes is a great way to save. Not only does Schoola sell gently used clothes, but the way they collect their inventory is brilliant.  Families donate their kids’ outgrown clothes to Schoola. Then the company sells them on line and 40% of the profit from the sale of the clothes goes to your school.

My kids sometimes grow out of clothes before they even have worn them twice, so there are always clothes that are worthy of a second life. Now there’s a great way to clean your closets and in so doing, raise money for your school. Schoola makes it easy as they will send you a special bag to fill with outgrown clothes. You mail it (they pick up the postage cost) then sell the clothes on line and make a donation to your school. The concept saves money, builds community and recycles! So start weeding through your closets, as now you know whatever you pull out will help another family save and also build funds for your school.

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