Scout Totes by Bungalow

by Lee Rose Emery

A Mom’s life is really all about schlepping. We schlep kids, groceries, laundry, overnight bags, diapers, snacks and picnic stuff. When we’re not carrying bags of things for small children, we are unpacking said bags and re-stocking and emptying and cleaning out.

So my theory is, as it is our job to carry a multitude of bags on any given day, they should at the very least be practical, affordable, and cute! Scout Tote bags by Bungalo are my new favorite. Scout bags are lightweight (of course by the time you and yours fill them up they’ll be heavy.) It’s hard to tell from this picture but they are made of a waterproof almost oil cloth fabric – they can hold wet bathing suits,  groceries, weekend away gear, you name it!  Most of all they are so pretty, you feel rather put together carrying them.I like to bring them as hostess gifts. The company also makes cool storage bins great for organizing toys, or swanky recycling bins. This is a company every mom should know about. This bag is $36.50. Check out their website to see other shapes and styles.


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