Stark Waxing Studio, Silver Lake

by Lee Rose Emery

033109homesamp8top4Okay, Moms, with this heat, we may find ourselves in bathing suits in the near future. Yikes. (Note to self: start 50 crunches a day regime.)  This tip is for you if you are feeling like a furry bear coming out of hibernation. Plan a trip to Stark Waxing Studio in Silver Lake. Whatever your personal preferences are on body hair removal, I bet we can all agree that if you do get a wax of some kind, you want it done quickly, as painlessly as possible, and by a pro. Stark is a great place for a wax, as they use a special European wax that hurts less, as it sticks to hair and not your skin. The staff at Stark is terrific and so professional. The atmosphere is sleek, clean and downright cool. Stark also offers eyelash and brow tinting and shaping. They are masters with eyelash dye, so careful and gentle, and that’s a procedure that can be quite a scary and stinging in the wrong hands. Ah, what we do in the name of beauty.

The other impressive part of Stark Waxing is that their boutique carries a gorgeous array of jewelry, body products, even a few baby items and kids books. Plus, their newest addition is an in house collection of soy candles. I love the “Silver Lake” candle. It has a lovely floral fragrance and yet is so subtle as it burns. Soy also burns longer, apparently, and produces less smoke. Candles make terrific gifts, or are just a lovely treat for you.

Go to Stark Waxing, get yourself fixed up, pick up a candle and bask in the coming of Spring – the 50 crunches a day can always wait until next week.


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