Teachers spending billions on school supplies out of pocket

by Lee Rose Emery

Remember the feeling of sharpening a brand new pencil or opening a new notebook for the first few weeks of school? I do. What’s sad is that many kids in America don’t have that feeling as they can’t afford school supplies, and, their schools have lost the funding to provide them. Consequently, American teachers are shelling out their own money to purchase supplies for their classrooms. Most parents appreciate how hard teachers  work and how little they are paid for their  dedication to our kids. It feels extremely unfair that they find themselves using their own wages to provide classroom necessities.

Take Part even estimates that American teachers collectively are spending a grand total of 3 BILLION dollars out of pocket in a year. Naturally, Take Part is starting a campaign to help change that. You can help too, by clicking here and donating. Every donation counts. If your kids do some charitable giving of their own this would be a cause that may resonate with them too.

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