Teaching Kids about money

by Lee Rose Emery

Kids and Money I wanted to share a piece I just wrote for Momsgonnafindout, a great web site which offers moms ideas on ways to make money, save money and have fun too!

“Teaching kids about money is not easy. Watching parents plunk down a credit card time and again is an incredibly abstract idea for a kid, and makes them think the card itself has value, with no connection to the idea of having a bill ever come. So how does one try to help them understand about saving and spending wisely? Here are a few tips I’ve found to be incredibly helpful with my own kids, who have very different styles and personalities in life and in terms of money. I’m no financial expert, but I have seen how my kids are starting to develop an awareness of money and its value”


Click here to read the full piece, on Momsgonnafindout.com.

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