The Art of Brick (Lego Art) by Nathan Sawaya at Forest Lawn Glendale Museum

by Beth Szymkowski

Brick Art Brick Art

I’ve always loved Legos for the creativity they inspire, so I was particularly thrilled to see an actual art exhibit using Legos as the medium.

Nathan Sawaya’s “The Art of the Brick” at the Forest Lawn Glendale Museum only fills one small room, but the creations are a delight. Several are reminiscent of Rodin’s sculptures.  A figure called “Hands” is a large Lego man who has only a pile of plastic bricks where his unformed extremities should be.  A few, such as a replica of Mount Rushmore, seem like things one might see at Legoland.  And perhaps my favorite part of the show was Sawaya’s use of Legos like tiles to create mosaic wall art.

The Museum is located high in the hills of the cemetery and offers great views from the parking lot.  Getting there, however, requires driving through rolling hills dotted with graves.  My six-year-old son and his friend were already familiar with the concept and delighted in picking out the fanciest statuary and guessing what kind of famous person was buried there. (Several famous people were.)   But it might require a little discussion for children who are less familiar with death rituals.

For more on Sawaya’s art: click here.


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