Three Fun Wii Games for kids from Disney

by Lee Rose Emery

Cyber Monday. EEK!  Here I am just recovering from too much travel and pumpkin pie, and I need to start shopping! I actually have been compiling ideas for you, dear readers, over the past few weeks, and I will write about them ASAP, so that you can hopefully have a jump start on your shopping and not completely be a basket case once the holidays finally arrive. Do I sound like I am already a bit scroogy already? The holiday season for moms is so stressful, as let’s face it: we do everything – decorating, shopping, wrapping, shipping, baking, or pretend baking (more on that later) …I’m already starting to sweat just thinking about it all.

However, one  of the fun things Mom bloggers get to do is try products. These are some Wii games my son helped me review. They would make great holiday gifts or even a special stocking stuffer. You may not be a fan of computer games, but my feeling is that in moderation, if it is a game that is not too violent, these games can really provide the kids with some fun. (And you some peace and quiet.) These selections sent over by the folks at Disney have been tried & recommended by my best tester and resident fun expert, my 7 year old son. I list them in order of his preference.

Wii : Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

When I asked why this game is fun? He says:

“It’s cool and action packed, and you can get a sword and Jack Sparrow and find lots of new enemies. But if you do go under water you do really cool stuff. If you pass the algae you get eaten by a shark. There’s nothing scary about it.”

Wii: Phineas & Ferb

My son is a fan of the cartoon so again, being able to play interactively with the characters was a treat. He says:

“This game is cool because you get to build stuff like slings shots and a platypus, and  you get to go to different dimensions.”

Wii: Cars 2

The Cars movies are some of my sons all time favorites. I can’t tell you how many times we saw the first one. I know  nearly every line! Of the video game, he says:

“The game is cool, but a little trickier than Phineas and Ferb. But I like it because you can become the fastest racecar ever. Not scary at all. I like Mater, he’s my favorite.”

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