Wall Decals for kids’ rooms

by Lee Rose Emery

With a new school year starting my kids have been clamoring to spruce up their rooms, or actually the request was to make them less “babyish.” Yet, redecorating is a major undertaking both financially and also time wise. So, I was delighted when we stumbled across Fathead. (Yes, that is really the company’s name.) This company sells life sized wall art (basically a peel off vinyl stickers) sometimes called wall candy, which, if you are game – the look is not for everyone –can certainly transform any room. My son is a huge basketball fan; so it was only fitting that he keep company with LeBron James. We ordered an in motion shot of James that I have to admit looks pretty cool against my son’s white wall.

It may be sad to put away those nursery blue Noah’s Art curtains, but I guarantee you that your kids will love choosing a graphic that suits them. My daughter has a column of butterflies on her wall that we ordered from Amazon and I have to admit they look very pretty fluttering about. There are a few different places you can find these on line, but these sights had the best selections.

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