Wittlebee monthly kids clothing club for kids

by Lee Rose Emery

Guest Blogger, Brooke Berman, tried a new monthly kids clothing service  for LACityMom, and here’s what she has to say:

If you’re like me, juggling a toddler and work, shopping for children’s clothes is the last thing you want to do.  If you are also like me, you’ve had your eye on the latest trend, companies that send little care-packages full of goodies directly to your door each month (bestfriendbox for pets,  bespokepost for men, citruslane for new mothers, and birchbox for beauty products, among others). Enter Wittlebee. the latest addition to the subscription care package trend.  After filling out a brief and very user-friendly survey —  color preferences, child’s style, size, etc  –  the Wittlebee team creates a box of clothing for your child. Each box contains six items — in my case, three shirts, three pairs of pants/shorts and even a bathing suit from name brands like American Apparel, Carters and Hurley — color-coordinated and mix and match.

I’m picky about clothes.  And no less so with my son’s clothes.  So I bet the key, with a service like this, is to develop a relationship with the Wittlebee stylists over time — some things will be hits others misses.  You let them know what works and what doesn’t —  and hope that over time, they get it.  And Wittlebee assigns a stylist to work with your family for the duration of your membership, so someone has an eye out for your kid’s look.

Available online at wittlebee.com, $40 per month.

(Guest Blogger Brooke Berman is a playwright and the author of No Place Like Home: A Memoir in 39 Apartments.  Available on Amazon.)

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